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BARDECHE EDBERG Law Office sets its fees seamlessly with its customers, depending on the nature and difficulty of the case, and the time spent in processing the application.


In accordance with the ethical rules of the Lawyer statute, the fees will be an estimate, subject to the agreement of the client.

The Office agrees to discuss at the first meeting the issue of fees, after reviewing the case. The most suitable to the client and the particular case method of payment will be systematically promoted by BARDECHE EDBERG Law Office. A fee agreement will be established between The Office and the client to materialize proposed by the firm and its method of payment. The form can vary, between those followings. 


Compensation formula

The fee will depend on the time spent by the lawyer and the hourly rate. When this compensation formula is adopted, the Office will declare to his client the estimated hours required to process the file number, and ready to provide a breakdown of time spent on the case.

Fees in package

In this case, a fixed amount is paid for the entire procedure. This system of setting fees is particularly suited to cases in which the law firm is able to estimate in advance the time needed to process the file.

Success Fee

The success fee is calculated on the result, depending on winning or advantage to the customer. This is an additional payment in addition to the flat fee but may not be the only method of payment. A success fee is only due course if the client and lawyer have previously agreed in a written agreement.

Legal insurance protection

BARDECHE EDBERG Law Office invites you to verify whether you have legal protection in any of your insurance contracts.  If this is the case, the fees of the firm will then, in whole or in part supported by your insurer, within the limits provided in the insurance contract. This is supported by the legal insurance protection, however, does not call into question the freedom of choice of counsel by the client.

Compensation and reimbursement of fees

The French Civil Procedure Code (Article 700) and the French Code of Criminal Procedure (Article 475-1) provide the possibility for a Court to order the defendant to partially or fully repay you the fees and expenses during legal proceedings.

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