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Entry into French territory of foreigners,  whether for a short or long stay, must in principle be regular.

This means that the foreigner must meet certain conditions in order to be authorized to enter the national territory.

Generally, regular entry is justified by the presentation of a visa.

There are different types of visa depending on the reason for travel:

- Sightseeing,

- Professional,

- Family

- Medical etc.


and according to the length of stay (greater or less than three months).


Thus, they can be transit, short or long term visas.


Some will not allow establishment in France, others a temporary installation and still others a lasting installation in France.

Visas can be grouped into three categories:

- Transit or short stay visas not allowing establishment in France

- Visas allowing temporary installation in France

- Visas allowing lasting installation in France

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Les visas peuvent être regroupés en trois catégorie :

- Les visas de transit ou court séjour ne permettant pas l'établissement en France

- Les visas permettant une installation temporaire en France

- Les visas permettant une installation durable en France

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Puis-je obtenir un 

visa ?

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